Trinidad James made a return to the Breakfast Club this morning. He first appeared on the show for an interview before he got signed with Def Jam, and now that he's signed, he talked about the label (somewhat), as well as discussed Rick Ross talking about molly in his "U.O.E.N.O." lyrics, and the infamous line that got him dropped from Reebok. 

When asked by Charlamagne if he'd ever apologize or change a controversial line to save an endorsement deal, as Ricky Rozay did, Trinidad explained, "When you do a song, and every artist knows this, you listen to it, it's usually at least one more person in the room with you when you record it, so that's that co-sign person. " Trinidad continued, saying that basically, Ross is a grown man, and he's accountable for his own actions. "You put it out, it is what it is, you're a grown man. Ross, he a grown man, he could do whatever he want, when you do things, it's on you bruh. Ain't nothing I can really say about that."

He added, "I feel that, I think I knew what he mean by it..but it's not my ground to elaborate on it."

The Atlanta native spoke on whether or not Joey I.E. leaving Def Jam would have affected his signing with them, since he's the one who signed James. However, Trinidad doesn't seem to attached to the former Def Jam president, and compared the music industry to NBA teams. "The industry, what I'm starting to realize, is it's like the NBA, you be playing for any time on any given monday out here." He continued, explaining how he didn't really know Joey so it doesn't really affect him. "It ain't no telling. He a really good individual but I don't know him like where he making intricial moves in my life based off his own life. Do what you want partner."

As their conversation returned once more to Def Jam near the end of the interview, Trinidad's lack of enthusiasm about working with Def Jam, and his minimal details on when we can expect his debut album, prompted the Breakfast Club to question the strength of his relationship with Def Jam. Trinidad explained that talking about the people at the label is like talking about your friends' parents, whom you just met. "I ain't best friends with everybody, so I can't talk to you about them like we're best friends," the rapper said. "I'ma talk to you about them like they're the people I work with. They work hard, I work hard."

Trinidad wouldn't confirm if his debut album would be released via Def Jam, but he did promise it's coming. Check out the full interview on Power 105 below.