Travis Scott is an ambitious man. The Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight singer has developed a reputation as one of hip-hop's tireless performers, and his live experience has been known to be an energetic affair. In 2017, the rapper played dozens of shows during his Birds Eye View Tour, which took him from the United States to Europe. Clearly, Travis understands the importance of the grind, and shows no signs of slowing down in 2018; after all, his long awaited Astroworld album is due for release, and you already know he's going to plan a tour in conjunction. And while his dedication is certainly admirable, a recent scheduling choice will find the artist truly testing the veracity of Murphy's Law. 

TMZ has reported that Travis Scott has two shows scheduled on Saturday, and plans on performing one after another. Difficult, but do-able, right? Only one problem - the first show is scheduled in Minneapolis at Midnight, and the second in Las Vegas. That's a distance of about 1,500 miles. According to the report, promoter Jefferson Agar of Twin Cities Live had to personally ensure that Travis could make it to both concerts. Therefore, Agar had no choice but to bust out $50K for the private jet, which will bring Travis from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, and then directly to Vegas.

Ambitious, and perhaps foolhardy, but ultimately doable. Clearly, Travis Scott is on another level with this shit. And to think - some rappers still have the audacity to saunter on stage while drunk and stoned, lip syncing over a backing track.