If you're heading to a Travis Scott show, brace yourself for a wild time. His shows are known for the high energy, mosh pits and at this point, injuries. Overall, Scott's shows have stirred up controversy for the unexpected antics that could occur. Most recently, footage surfaced of one of Scott's fans getting choked by concert security.

At a recent performance at Power 106's Cali Christmas concert, one of Scott's fans is seen being grabbed by his throat my concert security and evidently being choked out. In the clip that surfaced via TMZ, you could hear people standing close by telling security to let him go. Scott's team has since made a statement about the incident and clarified that the security member seen on camera is not part of Travis Scott's security. 

According to TMZ, two individuals in the crowd were trying to get as close as possible to Scott. Both of them got stopped by security but Scott later ordered security to let them go. One of them was released while the other ended up getting choked out by security.

Aside from this concert, Scott was recently threatened with legal action after one of his fans was pushed off of a balcony at a concert in New York City. The fan is now paralyzed on the left side of his body and suffers from a fractured vertebrae, broken wrist and fractured ankle. He underwent surgery and now needs a wheelchair to get around.