Three days ago marked the five-year anniversary since the fatal car accident that left Tracy Morgan hospitalized in critical condition. Unfortunately, today, he found himself in another collision of sorts which thankfully didn't include any fatalities. According to TMZ, Tracy Morgan's newly purchased Bugatti was sideswiped minutes after he bought it off of the lot.

A Hondo CR-V sideswiped Morgan's new 2012 Bugatti Veyron that still had the dealer plates on it in New York City this afternoon. At this point, there hasn't been anything indicating who's actually at fault but the footage suggests that the Honda attempted to make a quick right turn at the last second and ended up hitting Morgan's new vehicle. Morgan reportedly was taken to the hospital after complaints about pain. 

A crowd surrounded Morgan shortly after who was talking to the police to likely find out what happened. If it ends up being in the hands of the SUV owner, they'll have to cough up a pretty penny. The SUV goes for $25K while the Bugatti is upwards of $1.5M.

Morgan's new vehicle was bought fifteen minutes before the car crash. The vehicle's already back at the dealership to examine the damage. It doesn't look like there was any serious damage with the exception of a few cars and scratches but the car is all carbon so you could only imagine that it'll cost a pretty penny.