What's with the Jamaican patois in Drake's If You're Reading This, It's Too Late? Why is he going all cha-cha in the "Hotline Bling" music video? It seems that our boy Drizzy has caught a small case of the Caribbean fever, so to speak, because he's nodding to the culture everywhere these days.

You may have heard Popcaan talking about his relationship with Drake in the past, or even seen him and his entourage rocking OVO gear extensively in the mini-documentary "6 in 876." Perhaps you caught the quote where Drake compared the "Hotline Bling" / "Cha Cha" beat to dancehall 'riddims,' saying that, "You know, like in Jamaica, you'll have a riddim and it's like, everyone has to do a song on that." It's certainly a different mindset than the US is used to, but if it produces some great music, we're all ears.

Today we're tracking OVO's Caribbean influence by taking a look at how the islands play a role in Drake and his entourage's music.