After announcing the title of his upcoming album Memories Don't Die, Toronto's Tory Lanez continues to enjoy the benefits of success. His previous two singles "Shooters" and "Skrt Skrt" have been killing since they dropped, and there's no doubt that Tory has been securing a bag or two. In fact, the latter song must have had a special place in Tory's heart, as he recently dedicated his latest purchase to the Memories Don't Die single. In case you were wondering, that purchase happened to be a brand new McLaren, and from the look of it, Tory won't be feeling any buyer's remorse. 

In a video uploaded to IG, Tory can be seen signing some of the paperwork, "making shit official." Below, the appropriate caption "Skrt. Skrt." In the next clip, Tory explains the importance of his newest single, stating "when I made "Skrt Skrt," I told myself 'yo by the time this song come out, I'm going to get my third foreign and it's going to be the one I really want to get. The one i should have got the first time." afterward, Tory shows off his latest acquisition, a beautiful silver McLaren, complete with a pink ribbon on the roof. 

In the final clip, Tory is getting in the car, unable to contain his glee. "I can't believe I got this shit, ni**a!" he says, with a huge smile. "I'm the ni**a that came up from nothin', I can't believe I got this shit!" It's hard not to feel happy for Tory, who's clearly on a winning streak of late. On that note, his Memories Don't Die album is right around the corner, and in the mean time you can catch both "Shooters" and "Skrt Skrt." Unfortunately, his "Real Things" collaboration with Future was supposed to drop today, but was pushed back to October 13th.