“Top 5” lists are often a personal thing. Everyone has their reasons for their top five emcees. Sometimes, those reasons will include “because I said so," or the other go-to "because it’s my list,” When talking personal favorites, your list is your list. Things are different when arguing greatest of all-time however.  Certain guys are almost required to be mentioned. List the top five greatest emcees of all time, and leave off Nas…see the reaction. The man made Illmatic…one of the greatest albums of all time. When he was counted out, he came back with Stillmatic. Nas made classic tracks like “If I Ruled The World” and “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”…leaving Nas out of the top five greatest of all-time is foolish. You can not like him, but to try to deny what he's done within the culture, for the culture, and to the culture is an exercise in futility and/or expression of ignorance.

Most would agree the same arguments could be made for Jay-Z. While Hov and Nas are locks for Top 5 greatest emcees of all-time nearly across the board, the same arguments (and some unique ones) could also be made for Common

Check out a few reasons why you should consider adding Com to your top five.