NFL veteran turned sports analyst Tony Gonzalez recently spoke with TMZ Sports about the ongoing Colin Kaepernick saga, and Gonzalez proceeded to deliver some brutal honesty. Despite reports that Colin Kaepernick was being considered by the Houston Texans, as well as reports from Kaep's lawyer that Colin would be landing a new job "within the week," Gonzalez remains pessimistic about the chances. While en route to his car, a cameraman asks Tony Gonzalez when he thinks Kaep will get another chance, to which Gonzalez replies with a blunt "he's done. I don't think he'll ever get a chance. Never again."

When pressed on his stance, Gonzalez elaborates, making it clear that there's no hard feelings. "I just don't think he's good enough for the headache. Nothing against him, but last time he played, he didn't play that well," says Gonzalez. "Teams--in the middle of the season, he'd have to learn a new offense, they'd have to deal with all the circus that goes along with it. I just don't see a team taking a chance on him. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I would say, one percent chance."

When asked about NFL owners Jerry Jones, Bob McNair, and Bob Kraft's involvement in a potential collusion case against Kaep, Gonzalez claims he finds it "hard to believe. Common sense tells you this guy better be damn good if you're going to put up with that kind of circus that's going to surround something like that, and the truth of it was...he wasn't."

When the cameraman speaks up in Kaep's defense, stating that there are currently worse players with jobs, and Gonzalez counters by saying "it's not about it. It's are you good enough? There are people who are not better than Colin Kaepernick. He has the ability to play in the NFL, but he's not good enough to put up with that sort of attention that he brings."

For more wisdom from Gonzalez, including his take on the ongoing Ezekiel Elliot controversy, check out the video below.