Tom Holland has been a fan favorite Spider-Man ever since he donned the red and blue suit in Captain America: Civil War. The MCU decided to sidestep the same old origin story for Spidey, thrusting him right into the action against Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Falcon, and others. Young Peter Parker's journey only got more difficult for this second outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The youngest hero in the Avengers had to learn the hard way about responsibility and earned his first nemesis, Vulture. Then, for his third and most recent appearance, Parker was turned to dust after Thanos got his hands on the Infinity Stones. 

Everyone knows that Spidey will come back somehow, even if his death was the hardest to watch. Tom Holland recently wrapped shooting for Spider-Man: Far From Home, and he decided to stop over in the US to promote the upcoming film. Holland swung into action dressed in the new black and red Spidey suit on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night. The suit looks like a mix of the Stark made red and blue suit, and a real-life rendition of Miles Morales' costume. The appearance is brief however, as it appears Marvel is just building anticipation for the film, which drops on July 5.