Tom Brady was so confident that he and the New England Patriots would complete their "revenge tour" with a victory in Super Bowl LI, that he filmed a commercial predicting his record-setting fifth Super Bowl ring, taking a jab at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the process.

In the commercial, which is for New England-based Shields Healthcare Group, Brady hands over five Super Bowl rings to the Shield employee and then has the following exchange:

"We need to get you a bigger locker," the employee says.

"Roger that," Brady responds.

A mere mortal might be reluctant to film such a commercial and risk jinxing himself, but not the GOAT.

After last night's Super Bowl win, Goodell handed off the Lombardi Trophy to Patriots owner Robert Kraft and then faded into the crowd, but today he'll have to look Brady in the eyes when he presents him with his NFL-record fourth Super Bowl MVP trophy.