Charles Barkley has been routinely roasted over the years thanks to his golf swing that leaves a lot to be desired. Typically, Barkley will go back with the club, and then before he comes into contact with the ball, he chokes up and then hits it. He has since been able to fix this lack of technique although there are still times where he makes some shots that just leave you shaking your head in disgust.

Well, that's exactly what happened today as Barkley was paired up with Phil Mickelson in "The Match" 3 which was played against the likes of Steph Curry and Peyton Manning. In the end, Barkley and Mickelson won although it wasn't without some horrific shots. Case in point, the clip below in which Barkley shanks the ball wide right. In fact, the shot got the attention of Tom Brady who called out Barkley, saying "That’s turrible Chuck."

Brady's criticism isn't too out of place considering he took part in the first-ever "The Match" which also had the likes of Tiger Woods. Besides, it doesn't take a golfing expert to understand that you don't want to do what Barkley did.

Either way, he won the tournament which means it's Chuck who ultimately gets the coveted last laugh.

Charles Barkley

Christian Petersen/Getty Images for The Match