Some of the biggest legends in the history of sports are in Arizona today to take part in a Charity Golf round called "The Match." A similar match took place earlier this year during the earlier stages of the pandemic, and now, Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, Peyton Manning, and Phil Mickelson are all taking to the golf course together. The Match is currently being broadcast live and it has already led to some pretty funny moments that will surely have basketball fans laughing.

For instance, Andre Iguodala is one of the analysts for the event and considering his history with Steph Curry, you can imagine some of the antics he got up to. In the clip below, Iguodala can be heard speaking to Curry, where he roasts him for his zebra-stripe shirt. "How many zebras had to die for you to look fly," Iguodala asked before Curry broke out in laughter.

These two have a ton of chemistry dating back to their time together in Golden State and based on the clip, it's like Iggy never left the Bay area. Curry is seldom roasted for his fashion choices, so you can't help but laugh at him being knocked down a couple of pegs.

As for The Match itself, Curry and Manning are currently down by 3 after nine holes.

The Match

Christian Petersen/Getty Images for The Match