Tom Brady will be turning 42 years old in August and says he plans to play football until the age of 45. This is a pretty incredible statement when you realize that Brady has absolutely nothing left to prove. He's won six Super Bowl titles in his historic career and he could probably win more if he really wanted to. It's pretty hard to imagine Brady playing any sport other than football although you may be surprised to know that he was actually quite the baseball player back in the day. In fact, back in 1995, the Montreal Expos picked Brady in the 18th round of the MLB draft right out of high school. Brady ended up forgoing his baseball career to play football and honestly, we're glad he did.

Brady reminded us all of his baseball prowess today when he replied to Aqib Talib on Twitter over a joke about baseball players making so much money. Talib posted a picture of himself playing baseball with the caption "When I see all these baseball contracts."

 That's when Brady replied, "I’ve been trying to get the Expos back on the line for the past month!" He even showed off his rookie card to let everyone know that he's only half joking.

Unfortunately for Brady and the great province of Quebec, the Expos don't exist anymore so any dream he has of playing baseball will have to be put on the shelf.