This was destined to happen for some time. On a 4-yard screen-play to running back Sony Michel, Tom Brady became the NFL's All-Time leader in career passing yards. The Patriots' QB entered today's contest against the New York Jets trailing Peyton Manning by 147 yards on the All-Time list, so the feat was pretty much a foregone conclusion going into kickoff. But the way he did it was impressive, putting in a stellar 20/31 passing performance totaling 283 yards and two TDs, no one target favored over his teammates.

But, in the spirit of keeping things lively and competitive, Drew Brees sits in third place on the All-Time list, with mileage on his 39-year-old body. Tom Brady is two years his senior. Both quarterbacks are ageless wonders but in the case of Drew Brees, there's a case to be made for him walking away with this year's NFL MVP award.

The Top 4 All-Time (Passing Yards) now reads:

1. Tom Brady (79,280)
2. Peyton Manning (79,279)
3. Drew Brees (77,789)
4. Brett Favre (77,693)

As easy as it is to root against Tom Brady, there comes a point when you have to give him his due. The New England Patriots' regime remains undeterred as time goes by. They currently sit atop the AFC East with an 8-3 record, and as a good chance to reach the Super Bowl as any team entering Week 13.