Whether you've only recently discovered Tink, or you've been following her for years,you've probably made your way back through Winter's Diary 2. The R&B-centric project is easily among the rapper and singer's best work, so the announcement of Winter's Diary 3 is an exciting one for Tink fans.

According to a tweet from the Chicago sensation, the project will arrive before the end of July, which means we should have it within the next two weeks. While it's been a minute since her last project, we've heard plenty of singles from Tink (some of which have been Timbaland-assisted) over the last little while, so it's hard to say whether the project will stick with the understated R&B sounds of the series, or will see her take it in a new direction.

As far as we know, her Timbaland-executive-produced debut album is still in the works, but as he's somewhat of a divisive figure to Tink fans, WD3 could definitely be for the day ones.