In the past years, Tinder has fully established itself as a go-to dating app. That is especially to the younger generations. The idea of finding your potential match at the swipe of a finger serves as yet another perk tied to the technology age. While the dating pool within the app extends based on location, folks in big cities have enjoyed the many benefits of Tinder due to the wide variety of users available to them. Unfortunately, the app is not accessible to everyone and often time appears unavailable in certain areas. Fortunately, Tinder has announced it will now amend this issue. 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to HYPEBEAST, Tinder's CEO Mandy Ginsberg announced the arrival of a lighter version of the popular dating app. Tinder Lite will reportedly serve users in remote areas, where cellular data "comes at a premium." Furthermore, that version of the app is also expected to use less cellular data and is expected to be mostly marketed in populated areas of Southeast Asia. This would allow individuals working in bigger cities, but living in smaller towns, to still benefit from having access to the app. While no exact information has been given in terms of the app's rollout date, Ginsberg confirmed it would "come soon."