Though it seems like forever ago, the New Boyz haven't been out of the hip-hop limelight for that long. They scored some reasonably big hits earlier this decade, with tracks "Tie Me Down" and "FM$," however their untimely breakup means that fans more than likely won't get to hear any new music from Ben J and Legacy anytime soon. However, in the mind of the former, a certain R&B singer may have had a hand in the group's demise.

In an in-depth conversation about the group's past on Vlad TV, Ben J stated that Tinashe, who was dating Legacy at the time of the breakup, could have been an negative influence along the way. "Tinashe, you know, was always in his head," Ben Ja explained. "I'm sure she was all in his head, telling him he was better than me [...] he don't need to do the kiddy s**t." He goes on to say that all the teen-centric fare that she seems waist-deep in now, with the Nickelodeon's of the world, makes her a huge hypocrite at the end of the day. "I really hate that bitch," he added.

While that may have been a reason for the eventual disbanding of the New Boyz, that wasn't the only factor that lead to the two central rappers going their separate ways. Apparently there was a scuffle involving Ben J and the group's hype man from back in the day, after the latter refused to pay for a checked bag prior to boarding a flight. Check out the rest of the details surrounding the crew's demise in the above video.