Anybody who came up in the early two-thousands knows that Pharrell Williams and Timbaland have hits. Like, a lot of them. While the two super producers are currently enjoying legend status, their catalogs feature so much fire it's almost hard to fathom. According to a Tweet from Just Blaze, that fire might just be unleashed in the near future.

Coming off the success of the his own beat battle with Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze confirms he has spoken to Timbo about the possibility of facing off against Skateboard P. Apparently both Timbo and Pharrell have spoken about the duel, and the conversation appears positive. While no official date has been provided, there's no denying the respect the game holds for both producers. Expect a star-studded turnout when this goes down.

Boi 1da's reaction sums up our thoughts on the matter.