Timbaland has a pretty big year so far, he rejoined singer Justin Timberlake in the studio and produced his highly successful new album, he's been working with Jay-Z, plus, he's locked a few business ventures under his belt. The producer signed a deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation, and with 50 Cent to help assist in promoting and designing his SMS Audio line. Timbaland is now beginning another new endeavor, investing in a type of social media, called "Hang w/."

"Hang w/," a MEDL Mobile technology, is the first live video streaming mobile app. The app allows live videos to be sent from one phone to many phones, with the opportunity to monetize the live stream.

Timbo released the following statement on the new app, "I’ve seen the power of social media and how a simple tweet or Instagram pic can bring awareness to an album. I think Hang With takes things to the next level. I believe the entertainment industry will line up behind this application and I intend to be at the head of the line."