Tim Duncan has officially announced his retirement from the NBA. There was no farewell tour or fancy article on The Player's Tribune, just a simple press release by the San Antonio Spurs, just as we'd expect from The Big Fundamental.

Timmy spent all of his 19 seasons in the NBA with the Spurs, capturing five NBA titles, 2 MVPs, 3 Finals MVPs, 15 All-Star games and the best 19-year run in NBA history with a regular season record of 1,072-438.

Duncan is the Spurs' all-time leader in points (26,496), rebounds (15,091), blocked shots (3,020), minutes (47,368) and games played (1,392). And he also ranks third in assists with 4,225.

By all accounts, he will go down as the greatest power forward of all time and the manner in which he carried himself throughout his career is something all current and future NBA greats should strive for.

He is expected to hold his own press conference later in the week. For a full retrospective of his illustrious career, check out this cover story that the NBA has just unveiled.