After much speculation on the race between T.I. and Logic for the top Billboard spot, Tip's Paperwork album has come out the winner, although he wasn't quite able to attain a #1 debut.

Slipknot's new album managed to outsell both T.I. and Logic, thus claiming the #1 spot. Nonetheless, T.I. comes in at #2 after moving 80,000 units opening week. This is higher than the projected 65k-70k, which was a projection for both T.I. and Logic. Logic too managed to outsell the projections, by moving 73,000 copies of Under Pressure opening week-- that's quite impressive for the Def Jam-signed rapper's debut album.

Paperwork serves as Tip's ninth album to debut within Billboard 200's top 10, following up Trouble Man from last year, which also debuted at #2 despite selling much more- 179,000 copies (although, as Billboard points out, that was during Christmas shopping season).

Which album do you think will do better in the longterm? Do these sales surprise you?