Basketball is not supposed to be a full-contact sport, but a FIBA qualifying match between Austalia and the Philippines got brutal after one foul led to a massive brawl. Australia was leading 79-48 in the third quarter when a foul stopped play. Australia's Daniel Kickert didn't like the foul on his teammate, and elbowed a Philippines team member. It was the elbow that broke the camel's back apparently, because both teams immediately broke out into a brawl. The benches from both teams emptied onto the floor and Milwaukee Bucs player Thon Maker was caught in the middle.

Maker, who was playing for Australia, can be seen in footage of the fight launching himself in the air at members of the other team. Andray Blatche, who used to play in the NBA for the Washington Wizards and Brooklyn Nets and now plays for the Philippines, was also involved in the brawl. Both players were ejected along with 11 other players.

According to ESPN, Maker, Christopher Goulding, Daniel Kickert, and Nathan Sobey were ejected from Australia. Blatche, Calvin Abueva, Japeth Aguilar, Carl Bryan Cruz, Jayson Castro, Roger Pogoy, Terrence Romeo, Troy Rosario, and Matthew Wright were the nine players ejected from the Philippines team. Check out a clip of the brawl below.