Lovable melancholic The Weeknd has taken a break from insta-locking DPS characters to make a worthwhile money move. There's no denying that the eSports market is on the rise, going so far as to tease Olympic aspirations. Today, the Toronto singer has officially bought an ownership stake in OverActive Media, self-described as "Canda's First Professional eSports Ownership Group." OverActive, currently has teams competing in Overwatch, League ofLegends, and Call Of Duty. Not to mention, their Toronto Defiant team is currently holding it down in the ongoing Overwatch League's current season. 

In fact, a press release for the announcement reveals that Weeknd is actually a big Overwatch player, though he neglected to share his character of choice. He has, however, teased his involvement in the League, albeit to an unknown capacity. "As a big esports fan, I am really excited to be involved in this project," he says, before promising "unique and innovative ways" of collaboration.

Clearly, eSports appear to be a new wave, with many prominent investors already entering the fold. As of now, The Weeknd is joined in spirit by Michael Jordan, fellow Torontonian Drake, and Magic Johnson. Look for more news from Abel's most recent partnership to surface in the coming months, and we have to wonder whether we'll see some Weeknd-themed Overwatch skins for the Toronto Defiant fanbase.