The Universal Hip-Hop Museum is set make its way to New York City as a part of a development complex being constructed in Bronx Point.

Originally crafted as an organization that lays claims to the likes of Kurtis Blow as chairman, Ice-T as a member of the founding board of directors, and LL Cool J as an honrary advisor board member, the UHHM will finally be taking a physical form after years of planning.

“The Universal Hip-Hop Museum may be the single most important project for the preservation of hip-hop culture," Hip-Hop legend and chairman Blow told DNAinfo. "This new cultural institution will be a great new tourism destination for NYC and the Bronx. What a great day for hip-hop!"

According to executive director Rocky Bucano the space will be making use of “technology to create a multi-generational experience featuring music, artifacts, video and photography, research areas, and a performance stage,” with the likes of Google and Microsoft pegged as partners who will aide in bringing the museum’s experience to life. Bucano further added that the UHHM will serve as a “home for the world's most popular art form, hip-hop culture... bringing hip-hop back to the Bronx where it originated from,” stating that “It’s gonna be a complete history of hip-hop.”

In addition to the museum, the entire site of Bronx Point is being touted as a future cultural epicenter for the community with development plans that include 1,045 units of affordable housing, a waterfront esplanade connected to the borough's Mill Pond Park, an outdoor performance area, a public plaza, and a multiplex theater.

“We are excited to announce the activation of this long-vacant waterfront site with high-quality public open space, over 600 units of permanently affordable housing, and a range of cultural facilities that pay homage to the boogie down Bronx,” said James Patchett, CEO and President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Development for Phase one of this project is slated to be completed by the year 2022. Feel free to learn more on the Universal Hip-Hop Museum and all of its future plans here.