Ewan McGregor has reportedly been tapped to portray the grown-up version of Danny Torrance in the upcoming Doctor Sleep, a sequel to the classic 1980 film The Shining, which stars Jack Nicholson and was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Doctor Sleep, which was written by legendary novelist Stephen King, tells the story of Torrance, who has inherited his father's debilitating alcoholism, but uses his metaphysical abilities to help treat the terminally ill.

Torrance befriends a woman with similar "shining" powers, but the two quickly discover that they are being hunted by a group of individuals who want to kill them to enhance their own supernatural capabilties. 

King, who also penned the source material for The Shining, reportedly gave McGregor his blessings for the part. Mike Flannagan is slated to direct the upcoming feature, while Trevor Macy will produce. The pair have quite the professional rapport, as they were responsible for the acclaimed Netflix adaptation of another King novel, Gerald's Game.

Doctor Sleep is expected to be released sometime in 2020.