Incase you haven't noticed yet, the holiday season is here which means pretty much everything you see has been turned into something that has to do with Christmas. With that in mind, it was inevitable that actors like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would get in the Christmas spirit and offer a brand new take on jolly old St-Nick.

That's right. Say goodbye to Santa Claus and say hello to Dwanta Claus. In a new cover interview with Entertainment Weekly for the publication's Christmas-themed issue, Johnson described Dwanta Claus saying “What I can tell you about Dwanta Claus is he’s non-denominational. Let’s start with that. He takes care of everybody — all genders, all races, all ages. He’s a little bit naughty, little bit nice. Like tequila. His sleigh is driven by bulls, Brahma bulls, but he has his little sidekick. Hobbes is his name. And he has reindeer antlers growing out of his head.Not the kind that you wear like a hat, but legitimately, he has antlers growing out of his head.”

In the interview, The Rock also explains some of the best and worst gifts he's ever received and some interesting tattoos he's had shown to him by fans. 

Who knows, maybe we will see more of Dwanta Claus in the future.