A collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country have come together to form "The Movement For Black Lives." 

Today, the collective has published a list of six demands, as well as some solutions in regards to the Black Lives Matter social movement. 

The demands of this Black Lives Matter initiative are as follows:

1) End The War On Black People

2) Reparations

3) Invest-Divest [Investing in education, health and safety rather than criminalizing, caging]

4) Economic Justice

5) Community Control

6) Political Power

Additionally, the BLM came up with a list of "key solutions" which includes more than 40 policy recommendations such as demilitarizing law enforcement, unionizing unregulated industries, and decriminalizing drugs.

Thenjiwe McHarris, a member of M4BL Policy Table Leadership team, told Fusion:

“The heart of what the movement is, is people and organizations across country coming together and becoming a united front for the purposes of co-creating a vision for black lives,” McHarris said. And while McHarris acknowledges that the movement for black lives has largely been non-hierarchical, she says that “it’s not a leaderless movement, it’s a leaderful movement.”

You can read about each of the demands and their in-depth explanations right here.