The Game originally announced a release date of October 7th for his upcoming album 1992, but he's pushed it back a week, now looking at October 14th. It looks like the October 14th date is going to stick, as the West Coast OG released the iTunes pre-order for the album, along with a new single "True Colors/It's On" last night. That's not all The Game did last night, though, he also stirred up some controversy, with a gig in Miami where he called out Meek Mill on stage for being a snitch and threatened to beat him up-- the backstory of which is not clear yet.

The pre-order of 1992 in turn revealed the album's tracklist, although there is only one feature credited, and it belongs to Jeremih on the bonus track "All Eyez."

Take a look at the tracklist below.

1. Savage Lifestyle
2. True Colors/It’s On
3. Bompton
4. Fuck Orange Juice
5. The Juice
6. Young Niggas
7. The Soundtrack
8. I Grew Up On Wu-Tang
9. However Do You Want It
10. Baby You
11. What Your Life Like
12. 92 Bars
 Bonus Track: All Eyez ft. Jeremih