The Game is not the first rapper to create his own line of emojis, but he fills a niche for anybody who needs to rep their southern California roots in text form.

The LA rapper had a lot of fun with this keyboard, creating emojis out of some of his most well-known moments of the past year, including his (or rather his manager’s) fight with Stitches and his infamous underwear selfie. Then there are the standard head emojis, with the standard yellow dome replaced by the Game’s face. Then there are the emojis you’ve always wanted but never had, like a droopy eyes emoji, a 40oz emoji and most importantly an “it’s lit” emoji. Peep the whole gallery to see some of the more ridiculous ones too (Stitches on a leash, anyone?).

The emoji pack is available exclusively on the Moji Keyboard, which can be purchased from the iTunes App Store. Sorry Android users, I guess the game wasn’t feeling generous with this one.

Other rappers who have released emojis of their own include Remy Boyz’ own Fetty Wap. The Game is currently on a world tour in support of The Documentary 2.