The Game has finally been brought to justice for beating up 40 Glocc in July 2012.

According to a report by, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan Bruguera found The Game guilty of battery for his role in an altercation with 40 Glocc outside a Hollywood Hills party and ordered Game to pay 40 Glocc the total sum of $3,000.

This actually represents a loss for 40 Glocc, who sued Game for $4.54 million in 2013, citing a variety of damages including PTSD:

  • $500,000 for pain and suffering
  • $500,000 for emotional distress
  • $2 million in punitive damages
  • $25,000 in medical expenses
  • $750,000 for lost earnings

On September 25, Bruguera presided over a non-jury trial before taking the case into consideration. 40 Glocc testified that Game not only jumped him but placed a gun next to his forehead. Bruguera found his testimony unconvincing.

“The court finds plaintiff’s total disregard for the truth while testifying results in his failure to carry his burden of proof on all causes of action except for the undisputed battery," wrote Bruguera in a 3-page ruling. "Plaintiff’s testimony of suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of defendant’s battery and not because of the prior violence in his life totally lacks credibility."

Due to 40 Glocc's “total disregard for the truth," The Game has emerged victorious. He is not out of the woods yet; the next phase of the trial, to determine whether he owes Glocc any punitive damages, is set for January 14.