Acclaimed singer/songwriter The-Dream recently sat down with Genius for an in-depth interview, in which Dream received fan-submitted questions. It's no surprise that one such query pertained to none other than Drizzy, with whom The-Dream collaborated on Thank Me Later's standout "Shut It Down."  

Dream talks about the way the collab went down, mentioning that Drake initially sent him the record with specific sound in mind, but Dream insisted on doing it his own way. "The record came out great," said Dream, before continuing the anecdote. "When the next album came along, “I asked him to get on a record, and he never got on a record. Now, I’m only gonna ask you once. Especially if I’ve already done something for you...So that’s the end of the Drake and Dream era of a record.”

That doesn't mean Dream harbors any ill-will to Drake. In fact, Dream prefaces the story by saying "shout out to Drake and what he's done with his career." What do ya'll think? Are you disappointed that we never got any new Drake/Dream collabs?