The final episode to the Game of Thrones epic, last season aired last night. As such, fans were glued onto their televisions screens, anxiously waiting on the conclusion to the tale they have grown to love in the past decade. Relatedly, multiple members of the fantasy show's cast have shared heartfelt posts in which they reminisced on the incredible journey and bid farewell to the show. On the other hand, Emilia Clarke, who plays the Dragon Queen, Daenerys Targaryen had time to clap back at some of the show critics and defend the series' final episodes. With regards to that, unfortunately, there's been no update on whether the show directors plan to re-do the entire season eight. The latter was requested in a petition signed by approximately 800K angered fans. Hence, for now, we may consider yesterday's episode to truly be the end and as such, can only offer our final goodbyes. 

Moreover, through the eighth season, we kept track of the hilarious fan commentary and reactions which ensued each episode. The compilations captured called out several aspects of the show, including its editing mishaps. And now, continuing with tradition, we gathered the best of the best from last night's explosive final episode.