The last season of Game of Thrones pushes on as the HBO series' unveiled its latest episode complete with a myriad of plot twists that had Twitter talking so much that Sunday night, all ten of the top trending items in the United States were Game Of Thrones related subjects.

The most significant pieces of Sunday night's plot centered on the death of two significant characters with writers ridding fans of Rhaegal, one of Daenery's two remaining dragons and Missandei, who is captured during Euron's ambush on Dany's fleet. She is forced to become Cersei's prisoner and in the final scene, Cersei orders the Mountain to behead her while Dany and Grey Worm must look on.

Naturally, the wide-ranging sentiment to Missandei's death has been largely negative especially since it signals Dany's inevitable transition into the "Mad Queen," marking a major character shift while others cite a perceived lack of creativity on GoT's writers' part.

Per usual, show creators shared an Inside The Episode clip following the viewing, detailing the thought process behind Episode 4, inlcuding the development of Jaime and Brienne's relationship and a hint toward's Dany's fate with Euron Greyjoy and the Scorpions.