By the time the Game of Throne's finale rears its head, millions of American fans will have taken last-minute "sick days" (the Monday of) in order to process their feelings over the finale. According to a study pieced together by The Workforce Institute at Kronos, 10.7 million viewers will do exactly that. The gurus behind the study estimate that those who play hooky will be spending their time canvasing their thoughts, and reviewing source material, in an effort gain a sense of understanding.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to the same empirical study, a good number of those who work on Sundays, during the show's initial air-time, will be looking for ways with which to view the telecast at work, or outside of it. "By any means necessary" is the slogan they've adopted to run out the clock.

You might be wondering how The Workforce came up with these numbers. The truth is, they surveyed about 1,090 adults regarding the series finale, then submitted those "averages" to their number-crunching experts, who then came up with nationwide projections. 10.7 million was derived from 143.1 million, which is the equivalent number of people believed to be employed in the United States of America. Does it speak to you on any level? If so, hit us with your comments down below.