Will Smith will go down in history as one of the best actors of all time. Sure, he's had his less than desirable outputs such as Wild Wild West and After Earth, but all the greats have had their low moments. Smith's high moments, however, heavily outweigh any lows. He has several classics in his catalog, and honestly, he should have won an Oscar for his portrayal as Muhammad Ali.

Millions of Americans were introduced to Will Smith as the Fresh Prince, a witty young rapper who snagged the first ever hip-hop Grammy. Smith transitioned into acting and won over millions more with his role as himself in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. The series is heralded as one of the best sitcoms ever, and it launched Will's bigger Hollywood career. From Fresh Prince, he dove in Six Degrees Of Separation, Bad Boys, and Independence Day. 

Will Smith is a staple in so many of our lives. Scenes from his movies and shows are ingrained into our hearts and minds, such as the moment he had to kill his trusted pup in I Am Legend. Or what about the moment Smith cries in Uncle Phil's arms after his Father leaves him in The Fresh Prince? It's moments like those that made Smith legendary, and sifting through his catalog of films was no easy task. Still, we did it. From Men In Black to The Pursuit of Happyness, here are the top ten best Will Smith movies of all time.