Of the many things that old heads will insist "were better back in the day," diss tracks are among the few that most younger rap fans can also agree upon. Even if you didn't live through them, the 2Pac / Biggie, Eazy-E / Dr. Dre and Jay Z / Nas beefs all produced shot-firing tracks that still loom large today-- Notorious' "Who Shot Ya" is still referenced by rappers all of the time, and Nas' "Ether" is now so baked into the foundation of rap that its title is now synonymous with a devastating diss. Rap was still evolving from its more battle-centered days back then, so it's no surprise that MC's bars were more frequent and potent with the shots at rivals, but even years removed from Kool Moe Dee Vs. Busy Bee Starski, rap beef will still occasionally spill from the online world onto a track or two.

After remaining silent while Meek Mill went on a Twitter rampage last week, Drake clapped back this weekend with "Charged Up," an unmistakeable diss track that was far from his first, despite his somewhat soft reputation. That's only the most recent example, though. Purists will argue that diss tracks today are pettier, more sneaky and less legit, but there are a select few that manage to find crucial gaps in their enemies' armor and attack accordingly, and that's what we're looking at today.