Teyana Taylor's headlining tour has gone through a couple of plot twists. The latest standout moment of the artist's string of performances came in a small package. Her daughter, Iman "Junie" Tayla Shumpert, blessed the crowd with a short performance.

Taylor brought the mini superstar onstage to sing "Never Would Have Made It," a track off her latest release. The 2-year-old seemed somewhat shy at first, as she shared the microphone with her mother. Junie became increasingly comfortable onstage while the pair sang in unison. She began hogging the mic and eventually took over the song. 

The kid definitely inherited showmanship from her parents. Her presence is particularly powerful for a pint-sized performer. Junie legit stepped out on her own, pointing to the crowd like a seasoned performer. Teyana fell to the ground, overwhelmed by the cuteness. The video was uploaded with a love-filled caption for the toddler.

"Cried real tears even watching this footage! ❤️Stand up.....press forward....Move on....don’t cry we’ll make it through the night For sure... 😍😍😍😍😍 literally the magical highlight of last night show in Seattle!!!!! So much genuine love & support!!!! Junie stole the show. FOR SURE (in her voice) Keep in mind she’s only 2 going on 22"