Teyana Taylor gave her fans a taste of what's to be expected from her next music video. Although the star will no longer be releasing an extended version of her most recent album, KTSE, she promises to fill the gap with dope visuals for her fans. The first track to be selected for a visual treatment is the LPs last song, "WTP." Considering the song's title and lyrical content, the music video is sure to be sultry.

Taylor's Instagram post features the triple threat in the middle of a crowd, captured mid-dance. A couple of people hold up signs with numbers. These individuals are most likely the judges of the ball Teyana mentions in her caption:

There is also an actual video posted to another Instagram account. The post is most likely unofficial as it doesn't seem to bear any professional connection to the singer. Still, she is seen in the same environment while wearing the same exact getup, so it's worth a look for the curious.

KTSE dropped with some controversy surrounding the quality of its rollout. Teyana Taylor has since clarified her feelings about the situation and seems to be looking forward to releasing the content she promised.