Teyana Taylor has been making headlines since the drop of her latest album, KTSE. The project is a big deal for the artist and her fans considering the time that has elapsed since her previous offering VII, which was also her first studio record. When problems arose in her most recent release, Teyana was vocal about the issues and even made an angry call to Pusha T. It seems like Taylor's feelings about the situation might have been misconstrued since she felt the need to clarify them with a post on Instagram.

Taylor posted a video montage that shows her in different locations during the rollout for her album. We see her in rehearsal, on planes, in the studio, in offices. The cuts also include the artist's family. The soundtrack to the clip is one of KTSE's tracks, "Never Would've Made It." Kanye enters the frame as the song gets to the hook in which the singer wails "never would've made it without you."


The caption is quite long for the platform's format. Teyana starts by addressing the reason for her statement by writing,"I LOVE MY ALBUM and never said that I didnt AND BELIEVE IN MY ALBUM with all of me. My complaints never came from a place of anger but more so from a place of hurt that I felt that I owed the world more." She insists on her wanting to please fans after "5 years of patience": "I have a very loyal and active fan base that I'm extremely indebted to and that I am extremely dedicated to. Though a shortened version shocked me upon its released date i appreciate my brother Ye for helping me produce my most vulnerable, personal and soulful album to date."