Terry Crews and Ludacris are debuting their workship in the upcoming action film John Henry. The movie follows John (played by Terry) who looks like a gentle giant that takes in two immigrants on the run. However, the act of kindness finds him running in the same circle of the leader of his former gang, forcing him to deal with his troubled past to make his future pleasant. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The trailer, as seen below, showcases just a little bit of information that makes John the person he is currently. "You know why I learned him John Henry...when he was born, I said...my boy's strong," his father voices in the trailer. “The tale of John Henry is classic and legendary for many,” head of Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley said in a statement.  “Terry and Ludacris’ performances are particularly inspiring, and we are delighted to share this contemporary telling with our audiences.”

DJ Quik created a soundtrack for the film and shared on a statement on the opportunity. “When I got the opportunity to score and create music for the legend of John Henry, I had to do it. It’s a story we all grew up on, and when I found out they set it in my hometown of Compton, it was a wrap,” he said. The film hits theatres January 24th, 2020.