San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili announced his retirement from the NBA earlier this week following 16 seasons in the league which included two NBA All-Star nods, four NBA championships, and one exterminated bat. Now, Terminix is looking to bring the 41-year old forward on board as a bat removal specialist. 

In case you're out of the loop on Ginobili's bat history: During a game against the Sacramento Kings at the AT&T Center on Halloween in 2009, a rogue bat stormed the court, resulting in a game delay. While most players waited around for someone to remove the bat, Ginobili took matters into his own hands, literally, plucking the bat out of the air (with his shooting hand) and dishing it off to one of the ushers. In the end, Ginobili ended up needing 16 rounds of rabies shots as a result of his efforts.

Fast forward to today, when Terminix's San Antonio branch offered Ginobili a job as a part-time field technician specializing in bat removal.

“We’d certainly train you in on alternative methods of bat removal and provide protective gear to ensure safety is prioritized, but the calmness and timing you displayed in that moment aligns well with the skills we need to serve our customers all over San Antonio,” manager Russ Garceau wrote.

Unfortunately, it already looks like Ginobili has plans for retirement.

In a column written for the Argentine newspaper La Nación, Ginobili revealed that he'll still be contributing within the Spurs organization. He writes, "My kids have already started school, and while I'm in town, I'll be close to the team and the franchise. I can't help anymore by taking a charge or with a steal, but I'll try to contribute somehow. I appreciate all my teammates, the staff and all the people in the team. I want the best for the Spurs. If I can help, I will do it with pleasure."