Tekashi 6ix9ine has a long week filled with courtroom appearances. The Brooklyn rapper appeared in court earlier today for allegedly assaulting a cop in July. However, the rapper didn't seem like his typical self as he went in and out of the court without saying much.

The Blast caught Tekashi 6ix9ine on his way in and out of court today for his assault charge and the rapper didn't seem to keen on speaking, which is quite shocking considering he's usually pretty upbeat and talkative, especially when it comes to paparazzi. The rapper's court appearance was incredibly quick and the case is set to continue in November.

The rapper is set to appear in court this week in Houston for another assault case stemming from an alleged altercation with a 16-year old in a Houston mall. The rapper will also be facing his judgment this Friday in New York for his child sex case where he was charged with the use of a minor in a sexual performance. There's a good chance his assault case in Brooklyn was pushed to November so he could get his other cases out of the way before accepting a plea deal.

Yesterday, the Manhattan D.A. in his child sex case wrote a letter urging the judge to give 6ix9ine a harsher prison sentence, claiming that the Brooklyn rapper is a dangerous example to young offenders. 

While 6ix9ine's been able to make it look like he's been carefree for the last few months leading up to his court dates, the possibility of prison time looks like it's weighing on his mind.