GZA will be 50 next year, and while the MC might spend more time working on his chess game than writing rhymes, he certainly paid his dues while releasing tons of classic material.

GZA is the only Wu-Tang Clan member to have released an album before 36 Chambers dropped. Always ahead of the curve, he doesn't get the nickname 'The Genius' for nothing. He spits straight knowledge on his beats, and never succumbs to the ignorance we see in modern rap (or even occasionally in ODB's rhymes!).

The GZA played a huge role on 36 Chambers, but also did a massively successful and widely acclaimed solo album in Liquid Swords. What is largely considered a 'perfect hip-hop' album, Liquid Swords furthered along the Wu-Tang style by combining Kung-Fu samples with raunchy rap. The GZA always played the intelligent counterpart while the others were wylin' out.

So today we take a look back at some GZA material, and some of it is classic and some of it is a little more obscure...but it is all enjoyable. So do just that!