The Pharcyde is a Los Angeles hip hop group originally comprised of four members: Imani (Emandu Wilcox), Slimkid3 (Trevant Hardson), Bootie Brown (Romye Robinson), and Fatlip (Derrick Stewart). Today they cary on with just Imani and Bootie Brown.

Their first album was produced almost entirely by J-Swift, and the second album was produced almost entirely by J Dilla (under the name Jay Dee). The cohesive production made way for two really incredible hip hop LPs to be created in the early '90s, when the art form was still trying to find its place in American culture.

The Pharcyde might be best known for cuts like "Passin' Me By" and "Runnin'," but they have plenty of classic joints under their belt. Check out the 10 dopest cuts on this week's #TBT.