The Boston bombing tragedy of last week has found many news outlets delving into the intentions of the suspects in the attack. It was revealed by TMZ, that one of the two assailants, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was shot by police, had an email account with "". T.I., who is featured prominently on the site, was vocal in his disapproval for the media's connection of the tragedy with his genre of music.

The ATL rapper stressed that he was not even aware of the site, or that his photos were present on it. He argued that hip hop is a means to document struggle, not incite violence. "Hip hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture," he said. "It doesn't create them."

"Hip hop ain't never been about hurting innocent people," Tip continued, adding that the Boston bombing "was a horrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the families involved."