Sylvan LaCue Celebrates A Successful Year With "Love & Sacrifice" Music Video

Aron A.
January 09, 2019 17:20

Sylvan LaCue revisits "Apologies In Advance" for his new music video.

2018 was a widely prolific year for Sylvan LaCue who released three projects within the span of 365 days. Apologies In Advance, his sophomore album, garnered the most amount of attention. Today, the rapper revisits the project for his new music video for "Love & Sacrifice."

Sylvan LaCue gives fans some insight into life on the road in his new music video for "Love & Sacrifice." The video was directed by Jonathan Benavente and JayyOptic. Shot during the last day of the "Apologies In Advance" tour in Seaside, California, Sylvan and Jonathan deliver a visual recap of the success the two have experienced throughout 2018.

"I self-funded this entire tour out of my pocket & just to be able to tour the nation off of what Jonathan & I have built over the past 4 years was emotional & beautiful at the same time," LaCue said about the video. "We sacrificed so much to get to this point & we're in a place in our lives where things have become clearer than ever. We wanted to show ourselves what our journey has meant to us via the people we've been able to touch through what we do here at WiseUp & Co. The 1 year anniversary of Apologies in Advance is this Saturday, & there's not better fitting time to celebrate ourselves than now."

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