Syd Pleads On The Internet's Tender New "Stay The Night"

The Internet -  Stay The Night

  July 21, 2018 12:46
Stay The Night
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It ain't safe outside.

The echoes of Syd's chorus on the Internet's new "Stay The Night" will bounce around inside your head long after you've turned your speakers off or unplugged your headphones. The refrain, "I just think you should stay the night" is simple but evokes how the thought of wanting someone to stay the night can become an obsessive internal chant before you work up the courage to finally come out and say it. 

The song (not to be confused with their other song "Come Over") also evokes, strangely enough, a Christmas classic turned creepy example of crossed consent boundaries: "Baby It's Cold Outside" (vs. Syd's lyric "you know it ain't safe outside). Syd's lyrics manage to avoid old creep territory though, even when she pleads enough for it to sound like a chant. 

The song comes off The Internet's new album Hive Mind, which released yesterday. Enjoy the song below and the album here.  

Quotable Lyrics

There's another new love
I know you tryin' to do right
but maybe we should stay cooped up
like we don't know what moonlight is


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