Supreme unveiled a preview of their upcoming project with GZA today, which will serve as a nod to GZA’s debut album "Liquid Swords." 

In the video clip posted on the Supreme IG account today, GZA is shown wearing the collaborative "Liquid Swords" tee shirt while describing the meaning of the name.

"Liquid Swords - sharp tongue. Swift, sharp tongue. You know, the tongue is symbolic to the sword. When in motion, it produces wind. That's why you hear that 'Wu, wu, wu wu, wu' sound when you're swinging a sword. Your tongue is a sword. A double-edged sword. And wisdom is symbolic to water, because of its flowing capability. So words flow off the mouth as water flows down the banks and the rivers, so this is why it's called a liquid sword - a sharp tongue."

Supreme has not yet revealed when their latest Wu-Tang collaboration will be available, but we expect more details in the near future following up today's announcement.

Check out the teaser video in the IG post embedded below.