Nintendo has released a new trailer for their highly anticipated game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The video begins with a kid looking up at a mural in a public square and zooms in on Mario in the mural, who then turns animated and a winding cinematic fight begins between only a fraction of the characters who will be available at the launch of the game. The trailer ends with the phrase "more fighters, more battles, more fun."

This is true. The game launches with 69 fighters and one, the Piranha Plant, available as DLC. There are Smash Bros mainstays like Mario, Link and Kirby of course, but then there are also more unexpected inclusions like the Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt. As for the stages, the new game will feature 103 of them, with the new Stage Morph feature allowing the stages to actually switch in the middle of a fight. If you're patiently awaiting the new game and the trailers just aren't enough, the games website is the most in-depth I've seen for the promotion of a video game.  You could read through the site and feel like you've played the whole, with each day's featured fighter, stage and item. 

Watch the new trailer below: