It's been thirteen years since Super Size Me put McDonald's on blast which subsequently put a halt to the Super Size option at America's favorite fast food joint. Many who've watched it stopped eating McDonald's altogether after finding out the truth behind what's in their Big Macs and other favorite menu items. Morgan Spurlock, the director behind the documentary, is apparently still on the mission to expose the fast-food giant so he decided to make a sequel to 2004's game-changing documentary.

Super Size Me 2 will officially see the light of day on July 12th with a digital and theatrical release. The trailer debuted earlier today which continues to explore the fast-food industry but this one is focused on how poultry is raised. With labels like "healthy" and "organic" being slapped across products, Spurlock and his team open up a chicken joint and investigate how these chickens are ranged. At one point, Spurlock explains how technicalities can get the USDA's approval despite for chicken products to be labeled as "free-range," "hormone-free," "cage-free," "humanely raised" 100% chicken.

Spurlock's latest documentary was supposed to be released in 2017. In the midst of the rise of the #MeToo movement, he wrote an open letter admitting to sexual misconduct which later prompted YouTube Red to drop the film as well as other projects Morgan Spurlock had in the pipeline.